Yeezus After Three Listens

The first time I listened to Yeezus I was thinking, “This shit is awesome, real raw, but awesome.”

The second time I listened to Yeezus I thought, “This is a good album with some wild beats and hooks that only Kanye can get away with and only Kanye would attempt.”

The third time I listened to the album I thought, “Man, Ye left a lot on the table.”

Think about it, only 10 songs, only 40 minutes and several feel like they need MORE Kanye, or they have some crazy beat drop that doesn’t quite work. It reminds me a little bit of the G.O.O.D. Music Album Cruel Summer. It fit its name because it was just a GOOD Album when it could have been a GREAT Album. The problem was when it dropped it only had two songs featuring Mr. West that we hadn’t already heard. When I want to listen to Kanye I want to listen to Kanye. If that makes any sense.

Overall I enjoyed the album, but it felt rushed. Some songs felt like they were missing pieces while others felt like they had too much.

Let’s breakdown some songs.

On Site:  The Daft Punk creation is a strange futurish type beat that stops for a strange interlude, but somehow it works. Not my favorite song, but I wouldn’t turn it either. I can’t imagine any DJ playing this in the club, but it feels like it is supposed to be a club beat.

Second Favorite Lyric: “He’ll give us what we need. It may not be what we want.”

Favorite Lyric: “How much do I not give a fuck?”

Black Skinhead:  This is an interesting song. It is built of a sample of Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2”, otherwise known as the” Hey Song”, but sped up times 10. They played that song in Mighty Ducks, and several other sports movies like the Replacements. I like this song but don’t love it. Only Kanye would do a song like this and only Kanye could get away with it. He even uses breaths in an out as the beat. Name one other artist that could make that work.

Second Favorite Lyric: “I’m aware I’m a wolf.”

Favorite Lyric: “I keep it 300 like the Romans / 300 bitches, where the Trojans?”

The song ends with Yeezy repeating “God” eight times which is the perfect transition for…

I Am A God: One of those hauntingly hard beats. In fact at two points the beat drops out and he starts yelling “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Once again he uses his breath as the beat. This song sounds sort of scary, or like some sort of weird bondage induced orgasm.

Favorite Lyric: “Hurry up with my damn croissants.”

New Slaves: I love everything about this song. I loved this beat the second I heard it, but the words are what really caught me. It is a song about race and slavery, but also about how people are slaves to materialism, consumerism and corporations. The song also gets into how people play into racial stereotypes, the war on drugs and the prison industrial complex. It doesn’t get much deeper than that. It is the best song on the album.

Second Favorite Lyric: “Meanwhile the DEA teamed up with the CCA.”

Favorite Lyric: “I’d rather be a dick than a swallower.”

Hold My Liquor: Another dark beat with screeching in the back. It crescendos and decrescendos throughout Ye’s verse. This song seems to be about ex-flames and a drunken hookup where the aunt finds them in the morning and tells the girl how she is silly hooking up with Mr. Kanye West. Probably a correct assessment.

Second Favorite Lyric: “I’m hanging on a hangover.”

Favorite Lyric: “Late night organ donor / After that he disown ya”

I’m in it: This joint features a banging electro synth with a strange hook. I like the first hook, but I’m not a huge fan of Agent Sasco. It feels like there isn’t enough Kanye on this song if that makes sense, and the last verse is the best part of the song.

Second Favorite Lyric: “Uh, I be speaking Swaghili.”

Favorite Lyric: “Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign”


Blood On the Leaves:  From a line back on New Slaves we have a super catchy hook sampled from Nina Simone…Strange Fruit hanging from the poplar trees…from the poplar trees.

When the beat hits after the slow first verse, it could be the best beat on the record. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. It also features a little too much autotune, and I’m not sure how hanging slaves compares to the broken relationships of Jay-Z and himself.

Favorite Lyric: We could’ve been somebody!!!!

Guilt Trip: A slow beat with a piano and synths that reminds me of a song on the SpaceJam soundtrack.

The verses are interesting and I thought this song fit Kid Cudi perfectly, but the hook was pretty weak. The fact that I have no idea what the guy says other than “softer than clay” doesn’t help. The track finally has some violin or is it a viola?

Favorite Lyric: Star Wars fur yeah I’m rocking Chewbacca

Send It Up: A Short song with heavy synths that features literally one Kanye verse. Not nearly enough Ye for my liking.

Favorite Lyric:

She say “Can you get my friends in the club?”

I say “Can you get my Benz in the club?”

If not, treat your friends like my Benz

Park they ass outside ‘till the evening end

Bound 2: This song sounds like Kanye’s earlier stuff from College Dropout and Graduation. I like the start of the hook by Charlie Wilson, but the Uh-huh, honey feels almost forced. The song sounds like it is about Kim, which is interesting because it comes after several songs about broken relationships, one night stands, fucking groupies. Maybe this album was about Kanye moving past all the old relationship shit and onto the new.

Favorite Lyric:

I wanna fuck you hard on the sink

After that give you something to drink

Step back, can’t get spunk on the mink.



2 thoughts on “Yeezus After Three Listens

  1. I went the opposite way. I thought it was OK the first listen. After a few more times I really like it. I completely agree with you though not enough Kanye. Good review though I pretty much agreed with everything you said.

    • Thanks for the comment. Usually music grows on me, but this time it was the opposite. That said I’ve still been bumping it in my car on the way to work all week.

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