Why the McDonald’s All American Game Does(n’t) Matter

Last night’s McDonald’s All American game had all the elements of why all-star contests in general are unnecessary, over hyped and borderline unwatchable at times. There were missed dunks, errant alley oop attempts, passes that had no chance of being completed, players taking 20 dribbles without getting anywhere, and some extremely poor shooting. It was worse than pickup with a bunch of washed up DIII players at times.

Some members of the twitter verse were complaining about the quality of play like they were being forced to watch. The thing is, it isn’t about the game. It is about the players. It is about them meeting other elite talent from around the nation, (and Canada in Andrew Wiggins’ case) and going at each other.

The event is also about the fans. No one goes to an all-star game to see two teams run the four corners offense. It is about the spectacle. The deep three’s, the dunks and the behind the back passes. I understand that when those things are done incorrectly it can lead an ugly game, which is what we did have on our hands at times last night, but it is also important to remember that for a lot people this was the first time they saw the future stars of college (and the NBA) play. So, for all the critics of last night’s game, relax. They are all still in high school.

The West won in rather undramatic fashion 110-99. Even and idiot could have told you that was going to happen.

West Tweet

They dominated a majority of the game with the lead stretching to 20 at one point.

Aaron Gordon, who I told you to watch for, ended up being the MVP. The Arizona commit scored (almost) all 24 of his points on dunks.

Andrew Wiggins, the number 1 ranked player in the nation ended up with 19 points for the East squad.

One of the best plays of the night came courtesy of Julius Randle, the lefty headed to Kentucky.

It was one of the only great passes of the night.

But, whether you thought the game was entertaining or a travesty, remember until next year, they are only kids.


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